Parimal Prasoon Software Developer

Setting Up Matlab On Ubuntu

As a student of VIT-Bhopal you get access to an Academic License of MATLAB. Here are the steps to set it up and running on Ubuntu - - Head over to this [page]( - Download the installer using the VIT-issued email id. - Extract the zip folder to any directory ( let’s call it MATLAB ). - In the MATLAB directory, run ./install. - Log in using the email and password you used to sign up on the MATLAB website. - Change the installation directory from usr/local/MATLAB2018b to home/x where x is any folder in your home directory, since it doesn’t let you install in the /usr directory. ** - Select the required components. - After installation is finished and it has verified the license, you will have to run MATLAB from the terminal. - Go to /home/x/bin and type ./matlab. (x is the folder you installed matlab in) - Congrats! You have matlab up and running. **- This step can also be solved using sudo ./install instead of just ./install but it leads to more errors which I couldn’t solve yet, do comment if you find a work around using sudo ./install.